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24 girls arrested from an all women’s party on charges of indecent clothing

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Khartoum, December 8, 2017

On Friday 8, 2017, the Community Security Prosecution charged 24 girls under Article 152 (indecent and immoral acts) of the Sudan Criminal Act 1991. The 24 women were arrested Thursday night from a private party during a Public Order police raid in al- Mamoura neighborhood, south of Khartoum. The women were arrested after the party was halted by force and were taken to al-Mamoura’s police department before they were released on bond whereas a court hearing was scheduled for the morning of the following Sunday. One of the women arrested said that the all women party was held in a closed party room in the neighborhood and that the women were astounded when a large police force raided and stopped the party. The police ordered the organizer of party to present the permit for the party and when she did, the officers went on to arrest girls who wearing trousers using excessive force and profanity.

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