Al-khatim Adlan Center For Enlightenment (Kace)
Al-Khatim Adlan Center For Enlightenment

About Us

To contribute to the empowerment of the targeted groups by providing them with skills that enable them to raise the standard and quality of their lives in general and skills of participation and interaction in public affairs in particular. In other words, KACE provides the targeted groups with skills that are needed to face current and future challenges in order to contribute to peace and human development in their own local areas.
To define the challenges and opportunities created by the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) and to use them to enhance the democratic transformation in the country.To build alliances, coalitions and partnership with local, national, regional and international organizations that share KACE vision and mission.
To contribute to the empowerment of disenfranchised local communities and sectors by providing them with vocational skills and equipment to raise their productivity. And to provide them with organizational skills in order to protect themselves and their clients, and to increase their earnings and job security.
To work with educational institutions such as universities and to develop curricula in human rights, citizenship and conflict analysis and resolution.

KACE Objectives

  • The center aims to develop and consolidate and spread the culture of peace and democracy.
  • Publication of enlightenment and freedom of thought in all walks of life Sudanese.
  • Seeking to design programs aimed at promoting a culture of peace.
  • The development of democratic behavior, and encourage freedom of thought and freedom of scientific research.
  • Strengthen the civilized dialogue between the sectors of the people values, celebrate the cultural diversity of the country.
  • Maintain a positive social beliefs and practices.
  • Anti-cultural values is democracy, respect for religious freedom and human rights.
  • A culture of peace, democracy and development in the Sudanese society.
  • Interaction Centre with various civil society organizations, and with the official institutions.
  • Centre with educational systems, devices and media reaction to publish his letter.

KACE Methods



ndertakes research and campaigns. It engages in public activism aiming at spreading enlightenment. It does that by developing a culture of peace and fostering democracy and freedom, so that they permeate all walks of life in Sudan.

KACE Mission


pread enlightenment. It aims to develop democratic modes of behaviour, to encourage freedom of thought and freedom of scientific research, and to reinforce peaceful and civilized debate amongst different groups and sectors of the society. KACE focuses on awareness-raising in the different communities in order to change perceptions about own and others’ identity and human worth. It focuses on the root causes of the civil war and human rights violations. It also undertakes research and campaign on cultural and educational reform.

KACE - Kampala office

 KACE Sudan’s regional office in Kampala was established to serve three basic purposes:
To support a more comprehensive mandate of KACE in Sudan with a focus on South Sudan civil society capacity and networking, and to generally monitor the status of human rights and women’s rights in northern Sudan, including Darfur and the “three areas.”
To engage Sudan in projects at the regional level of East Africa and the Horn in programs such as conflict resolution, human rights and women’s rights, and human and cultural development
To establish a secure setting from which KACE can publish and report more freely

Kampala office Goals

  • Support the message Centre in Khartoum, and the opening of a cultural window on Africa.

  • Support building the capacity of civil society organizations in the state of South Sudan and networking with them.

  • Linking Sudan with projects at the regional level in East Africa and the Horn of Africa, in resolving disputes relating to the programs, human rights, women’s rights, human and cultural development and cooperation with civil society organizations in the region, particularly Uganda them.

  • Achieving the ground where the Centre’s activities are held in a more secure environment and freedom, and which can write and publish various reports and publications.

  • Access to Sudanese living Beognda and linked to the country’s issues and help them be useful to themselves and their country.

  • To work for a culture of peace and the promotion of a culture of protection of human rights in general and respect for women’s rights in particular central Sudanese residents Beognda sectors, with particular attention to areas of conflict in the Darfur region and the three areas.

Kampala office Programs


Sudan has no regional representation in East Africa, the Horn, or the Great Lakes. The Kampala office is being developed as a research, dialogue, advocacy, and training center for issues related to Sudan in the region. KACE Sudan is a place that regional partners and networks can approach for public policy and opinion on Sudan. Further activities will include conferences, publishing, and public


The Kampala office will also be implementing projects related to cultural inclusivity and multiculturalism in East Africa, beginning with establishing relationships between Sudan and Uganda. Activities in this theme may include a resource center, trainings, and cultural exchanges.


From a base in Kampala, KACE may more easily monitor and support embattled Sudanese networks, organizations, and activists. In close collaboration with Khartoum headquarters, projects would include conflict monitoring, legal support, relocation, and reporting.


To serve this message Center performs a variety of programs and activities represented in the monitoring and analysis of conflicts, legal support, protect and secure the activists, writing research reports, and organize events and cultural exchanges, conferences, and publications, and launch support and advocacy in the diverse issues campaigns.