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Confrontations between the police and civilians in Al-Jereif

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  • 13 Nov 2017

On Monday 13 November, a violent confrontation arose between the police and civilians in Al-Jereif in the eastern part of Khartoum leading to the hospitalization a number of injured civilians. The confrontation was sparked by the government’s policies on agricultural lands in the area, which are seen as land-grabbing. The civilians are demanding rights in the new residential project proposed for the area.
An eyewitness said that the confrontation led to civilians, including a child, being injured. They were all transported to Ibrahim Malik hospital in Khartoum adding that the police and security forces used live ammunition on the civilians. Another source confirmed that the police forces alongside security agents fired live ammunition against the civilians and clashed with the citizens of Eastern Al-Jereif adding that “as a result of the clash, there are two civilians in a critical condition and the security agents continued to surround the area on that day.”

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