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One Dead and Another Injured in an Assault on an Engineering Team in Darfur

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One Dead and Another Injured in an Assault on an Engineering Team in Darfur

Nyala, April 9, 2017

On Sunday April 9, 2017, one person was killed and another was injured in an assault conducted by armed people on an engineering team on its way from Shi’aereya locality in East Darfur State to Nateiga locality of the South Kordofan State. The engineering team belongs to Plus company and was on its way to perform maintenance works on stations belonging to Zain telecommunications company in the area. A source confirmed that an armed group ambushed the engineers while they were heading to Nateiga locality and opened fire, resulting in the instant death of the driver and injuring one of the engineers. The source added that the armed group looted all of the engineering team’s belongings: mobile phones and sums of cash and fled. A source further added that the security committee of Nateiga locality sent military forces to the scene of the incident in order to provide medical assistance to the injured person, pursue the perpetrators and transport the engineers to the city of Nyala.

Back in 2009, five engineers were killed and their vehicles were looted in the same area while they were working on the maintenance of networks of Sudanese Telecommunication Company

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