Our Mission

Spread enlightenment. It aims to develop democratic modes of behaviour, to encourage freedom of thought and freedom of scientific research, and to reinforce peaceful and civilized debate amongst different groups and sectors of the society. KACE focuses on awareness-raising in the different communities in order to change perceptions about own and others’ identity and human worth. It focuses on the root causes of the civil war and human rights violations. It also undertakes research and campaign on cultural and educational reform.


KACE vision is to see a peaceful democratic and truly multicultural Sudan, where all people are equal in dignity, rights and opportunities.


● Provide the targeted groups with skills that are needed to face current and future challenges in order to contribute to peace and human development in their own local areas.
● Enhance the democratic transformation in the country.
● To contribute to the empowerment of disenfranchised local communities and sectors by providing them with vocational skills and equipment to raise their productivity
● To work with educational and training institutions to develop curricula in human rights, citizenship and conflict analysis and resolution.
● To spread the culture of human rights in Sudan through capacity-building programs, cultural activities and arts.

Types of projects


KACE focuses on encouraging the spread of information through research, as well as work on helping transform Sudan into a democratic State where people are free to express their thoughts and ideas. It is interested in projects that encourage dialogue and provide space for Sudanese people to discuss and debate.

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Our Story

(Al Khatim Adlan Center (KACE) was founded in 2007 by Al Baqir Al Afif. KACE was founded to continue the mission of the late Al-Khatim Adlan, a Sudanese thinker, politician and activist. The centre was born in a house in a residential area in central Khartoum and opened its doors to the public through organizing film-screenings, public events and seminars, a free and accessible library and a number of art galleries and exhibitions. KACE quickly became both a community cultural centre and also an organization working on human rights, diversity and conflict resolution issues.

It was founded promotes a democratic, multicultural Sudan in which human rights are respected. KACE pursues this by seeking to create spaces of engagement, knowledge-sharing and constructive dialogue to facilitate the spread of enlightenment and the promotion of positive human development. KACE aims to develop democratic modes of behavior, to encourage freedom of thought and freedom of research, promote comprehensive equality in dignity, rights and opportunities between all Sudanese regardless of gender, religion, ethnic, cultural, social, ideological or class background, and to reinforce peaceful and civilized debate amongst different groups and sectors of the society. KACE is a well-respected civil society organization in Sudan and plays a critical role in convening civil society actors, including human rights defenders.

In December 2012, the security apparatus shut down the offices of KACE in Sudan as part of an ongoing crackdown against active Sudanese civil society organizations. As the security situation for activism continued to deteriorate after the 2010 general elections, KACE had already established an office in Kampala, Uganda at the time of its closure in Sudan. The center automatically resumed its activities from the Kampala office and began working through a number of independent organizations in Sudan because its staff members believed that part of working on human rights in Sudan is to continue fighting for your existence and adapt to working in the most severe situations.

After the great 2019 revolution, KACE came back to re-establish itself in Khartoum, Sudan and has continued to work on projects in Sudan and in the region.


Al-Khatim Adlan Center- Enlightenment Part1

Al-Khatim Adlan Center- Enlightenment Part2

Al-Khatim Adlan Center- Enlightenment



Suliman Baldo

Asma Mahmoud

Nabil Adib

Omayma El Mardi

Najlaa Sidahmed

Dismas Unkunda



Chair: Albaqir Mukhtar

Deputy Chair: Jiham Abdelrahman

Financial officer: Ishraga Mohamed Elhassan

Media Officer: Quasai M. Salim

Member: Sami Guraish

Member: Ihlam Gaili

Member: Majda Salih