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A Study of The Sudanese Voluntary and Humanitarian Work Act

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This report provides an analysis the different aspects of the Sudanese Voluntary and
Humanitarian Work Act 2006 in comparison with Ethiopian, Egyptian and English
Law. The method of research chosen was a comparative study of Laws. The English
Law was chosen as a standard democratic law from a stable country in which to
compare the Sudanese Voluntary and Humanitarian Work Act 2006 with reference
to the Sudanese constitution, as well as, comparisons with two neighboring
countries laws- Ethiopia and Egypt. Roundtable discussions were also conducted
with members of Sudanese Civil Society Organizations, in order to understand their
experiences on how this Act is implemented; their contributions were then
incorporated into this report. The findings show that the Sudanese Voluntary and
Humanitarian Work Act 2006 is used by the government to suppress Sudanese Civil
Society. It is found to be unconstitutional because it deprives citizens of their right
to associate and assemble. It is also found that implementation of the Act varies
according to the whim of whoever is in control. It must be stated that this report has
limitations due to difficulty of access to information regarding laws related to the
HAC. This is because of the nature of secrecy surrounding all security related matters in Sudan.

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