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We Mourn Al Sadiq Al Mahdi

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A Painful Obituary Mourning

the Khatim Adlan Center for Enlightenment and Human Development mourns the passing of  the leader of the National Umma Party, before the Ansar sect, and the former Prime Minister of Sudan; Imam Al-Sadiq Al-Siddiq Abdul Rahman Muhammad Ahmad Al-Mahdi.

The imam passed away at the age of eighty-five, and with his passing, the country lacks one of its leaders in various fields of politics, thought and writing.

We  in Al-Khatim Adlan Center for Enlightenment, and in these sad moments,  miss his benevolent spirit, goodness, democratic behavior, and great humility.

We extend our deepest condolences to his family, the young and the old, the Ansar sect, the Umma Party, and all his friends and loved ones and the general Sudanese people at home and abroad for their great loss.

We ask God to cover him with his mercy.

We belong to God and to him we return.

family of Al-Khatim Center, Adlan

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