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Statement of the thirtieth of June

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I am the people… I am the master who obeys

To the generals: take your knee off the neck of our revolution..let it breathe
To Hamdok: Rise up and take control of your affairs. The people are with you, and those with the people are with you, so who will stand against it?
To all the political forces: When will you deny your mortal selves for the sake of this eternal homeland?!

In conjunction with the global revolution in which all the peoples of the first world rose up against institutional racism, symbolized by the knee of the white military trampling on the neck of the black man, and the phrase “I can’t breathe” that roused the world;

In conjunction with this revolution that is sweeping America, Europe, and many other countries, and changing the situation profoundly, to destroy the monuments of injustice and stifle the breath;

The thirtieth of June is upon us, which marks the first anniversary of the disgraceful defeat that our brave people inflicted on the security committee of the former Salvation regime.

The thirtieth of June is upon us, in which all our people – women and men, young, old, and children – went out in cities, villages, and the Furqan, and from every deep path. He came out in the east and west, in the north, in the center, and in the south, and filled the streets like a flood and blocked the horizon like a genie, and his giant stature stood in front of the dwarf killers, blocking the way in front of their coup. Driving in front of the closed gates of the army and the silence of his dumb guns!

Our people came out defying the volleys of treachery and treachery bullets, and “hacked” the smell of death to announce it like a rattlesnake of “No to the rule of the military”, “No to the rule of the caliphs”… The two coups had no choice but to be defeated, so they withdrew with their tails between their legs.

On this glorious day, which marks the real victory of the revolution, we call upon the masses of our people to go out all over the country, in cities and villages, and in neighborhoods and al-Furqan, at 1:30 in the time of the revolution, in roaring marches in support of our civil government, demanding the following:

The people’s complete control of the reins of power: and the extension of their authority to reform the security services. Those devices in which the rescue nests and they have been conspiring against the government, putting brakes and obstacles in its path, and colluding with reptiles and reptiles, to eradicate our revolution in which we sacrificed blood and honor.

Full control of the security and military companies that monopolize the country’s economy and its sources of foreign currency. These companies are public funds owned by the Sudanese people, and not the private property of the generals who run them as if they had inherited them from their fathers. We do not accept that the military give us alms of our money, but we want to recover it in full.

Reform the corrupt judicial agencies that are teeming with Al-Kizan, Al-Manjiyeh, and Al-Arzqiah. The people do not have an iota of confidence in the rescue judges because they know that they are “technically unqualified and morally weak”. This corrupt judiciary – whose chief is interested in bringing vehicles and not interested in bringing justice – is not qualified to lay the foundations of justice in the country, and is, therefore, unreliable to try the symbols of the former regime, or just retribution from the perpetrators of the sit-in massacre, or redress the people from the accumulated grievances, or Return of lost rights. The time has come to clean up the judiciary and restore its prestige and the people’s confidence in it.

Completion of the transitional power structures. It is a shame that the Salvation still rules the provinces a year after the revolution. Our politicians, leave idling, quarrels, quotas, and selfishness, and hurry to appoint regional governors and form the legislative body. The government will not be able to address the economic conditions and curb the grinding price hike with incomplete powers and incomplete equipment.

As we call for the exit, we understand the current health conditions that the country and the whole world are experiencing. We appeal to the Kanakas, the youth, and all the masses of our people to abide by the precautions and guidelines announced by the Ministry of Health, by organizing classes with the required rigor, adhering to the distance between each protester and the other and between each class and another, and establishing groups for spraying and sterilization. Wearing masks and not mixing with the elderly and those with chronic diseases after the demonstrations ended.

We demand our civilian government not to be disturbed by the demonstration, as it aims to support it first and foremost and to renew the revolutionaries’ loyalty to it. The government should issue public orders to the police to protect peaceful demonstrators and not to harm them. We also appeal to the various media outlets, national television in particular, and regional televisions, to promote and cover the demonstration on the thirtieth day of this great June.

We invite all artists, plastic artists, and writers to invent slogans and translate them into works of art that emphasize the peacefulness of the revolution and its eternal slogans of freedom, peace, and justice.

All resistance committees, revolutionary forces, and partners in the struggle must tighten coordination among themselves and draw clear paths and slogans that do not deviate from them and are strict and peaceful with no deviation. And act responsibly and take the highest degree of caution to control and stop any cases of hacking or hacking. The defeat of the remnants of the former regime aimed at confusing the scene and thwarting the day, so that they could drag the country back and imprison it again in their obnoxious dark vows, but no matter, our proud people have turned their stained page forever.

Al-Khatim Adlan Center

June 15, 2020