Today, the twenty-ninth of Ramadan marks the first anniversary of the heinous massacre that was committed against the male and female protesters in front of the gates of the General Command of the Sudanese Armed Forces. That massacre shook the conscience of humanity, which claimed the lives of 128 peaceful young men who were killed in cold blood within two hours; The bodies of some of them were thrown to the bottom of the Nile after their pure bodies were tied to concrete blocks, in addition to the serious injury of thousands, in addition to the registration of 40 people in the lists of the missing, as well as documented testimonies of dozens of rape cases.

The massacre of the General Command is considered one of the largest mass massacres in the modern history of Sudan. The temporal significance of its occurrence reminds us of the massacres of the officers of the 28th of Ramadan and the massacre of al-Ailafoun in a clear extension of the former regime’s approach of killing at the end of the month of Ramadan and on the “tribes” of Eid with the aim of inflicting a huge psychological shock on the people accompanied by shock and awe, with the aim of terrorizing and breaking it permanently so that they could market it to the slave market. The world witnessed, in image and sound, the storming of hundreds of security forces and militias of various names and uniforms on board four-wheel-drive vehicles loaded with heavy and light weapons, using excessive force to kill, impede and intimidate the protesters. It was clear that they came motivated by the desire for revenge and pity and blind hatred, and they did not come only to implement orders to disperse the sit-in.

Now a year has passed since the horrific massacre, and her wound is still bleeding, and her injustice continues. The souls of its martyrs await retribution, and the perpetrators are still far from the hand of justice. The responsibility rests entirely with the Transitional Military Council, which made the decision, according to the recognition of its spokesperson in public and on the microphones of satellite channels. In a clear tongue, he said that all members of the Military Council met with the country’s security leaders on June 2, 2019, on the eve of the sit-in dispersal, and received advice, which they did not disclose, from the attorney general and the former chief of the judiciary, and they ordered the dispersal of the protesters by force. They bear full responsibility for the bloodbaths that erupted as they were in power at the time, and they have to bear all the consequences by virtue of responsibility and the chain of command. Our memory still preserves their pasty attempt to deceive the people through the “stinking” investigation committee that they formed and which came out to us with that false report that follows the approach of the Caysians in adding insult to wounds, contempt for the people’s intelligence and underestimating their ability to distinguish. This scandalous committee deserves trial, curses, and contempt for its members, and to have signs that say, “Beware, an unscrupulous man.”

We, at Al-Khatim Adlan Center for Enlightenment, commend the Independent Commission of Inquiry into the massacre, which was established by Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdok, headed by Professor Nabil Adeeb Abdullah, the lawyer. We affirm our confidence and support in it, and at the same time, we demand that it redouble efforts to finish its mission as soon as possible, and not make the pandemic a reason to disrupt its work. The responsibility that falls on it is great and the people are waiting for the full truth to be revealed. To know those involved in the massacre and those who ordered it. Then they were tried for this heinous crime in fulfillment of the immortal slogan of the revolution: freedom, peace, and justice, establishing the rule of law, and ending a long period of impunity.

Glory and eternity to the martyrs of the massacre, its wounded, missing, and rapists, and glory and eternity to all the martyrs of the homeland throughout the dark era of rescue.

Al-Khatim Adlan Center for Enlightenment and Human Development

Saturday 29 Ramadan 1441 AH

Corresponding to May 23, 2020 /