Kacesudan mission is to spread enlightenment. It aims to develop democratic modes of behaviour, to encourage freedom of thought and freedom of scientific research, and to reinforce peaceful and civilized debate amongst different groups and sectors of the society. KACE focuses on awareness-raising in the different communities in order to change perceptions about own and others’ identity and human worth. It focuses on the root causes of the civil war and human rights violations. It also undertakes research and campaign on cultural and educational reform.

KACE undertakes research and campaigns. It engages in public activism aiming at spreading enlightenment. It does that by developing a culture of peace and fostering democracy and freedom, so that they permeate all walks of life in Sudan.

KACE objective is to contribute to the empowerment of the targeted groups by providing them with skills that enable them to raise the standard and quality of their lives in general and skills of participation and interaction in public affairs in particular. In other words, KACE provides the targeted groups with skills that are needed to face current and future challenges in order to contribute to peace and human development in their own local areas.
To define the challenges and opportunities created by the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) and to use them to enhance the democratic transformation in the country.
To build alliances, coalitions and partnership with local, national, regional and international organizations that share KACE vision and mission.
To contribute to the empowerment of disenfranchised local communities and sectors by providing them with vocational skills and equipment to raise their productivity. And to provide them with organizational skills in order to protect themselves and their clients, and to increase their earnings and job security.
To work with educational institutions such as universities and to develop curricula in human rights, citizenship and conflict analysis and resolution.

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