“And give good tidings to the patient who, when a calamity befalls them, say we belong to God and to Him we shall return.” God Almighty has spoken the truth.

The country was devastated yesterday, July 4, by the loss of the great poet Muhammad Taha Al-Qaddal, the great creative pyramid, the unique and original poetic school, and the great symbol of enlightenment in our country. Al-Qaddal belonged to the people, loved him, adhered to him, became passionate about him, became his living conscience, and his clear tongue. Al-Qaddal employed his ups and downs for the sake of the people and for their downtrodden, and he formulated his soul as sweet and immortal poetry that shaped the conscience of successive generations.

The dream of the grandfather of Sudan is the big dream. It sings of peace and love, aligns itself with the values ​​of goodness and beauty, sings of freedom and dignity, and is the most famous weapon of the word in the face of the most powerful dictatorships that perched on the chest of our country. He did not compromise, did not flatter, did not hesitate to speak, or distorted his tongue with piety. He was a role model, inspiring, and an example.

How sad we are, that the Jalal will not be between us in his body after today, and if he will not perfume our evenings with his poems as he did in the past, and we will not embrace him and exchange slanders with him. As for him, he is in the safety of God, and he will remain among us alive, everlasting, and immortal. He is alive with his poems that have molded our conscience, and with his planting that has yielded sweet fruits of various colors. Perhaps the most important fruit is the glorious December revolution, whose boys and girls sang his poems and formulated slogans with which they perfumed the streets of the country. Al-Qaddal will remain immortal as long as the people of Sudan and its youth remain the brave, living yoke.

And in you, we embody the words of our Noble Prophet, “The eye sheds tears, the heart grieves, and we are sad because of your separation.” Rest in peace, our beloved, with your faithful companions who preceded you to the abode of survival, may you be accompanied by safety. And increased you on the way the love of the poor and the prayers of your people who loved you and made you ribs. May God grant you eternal happiness as much as you have made your people happy, and as close to him as you are to your people, and he has given you from His bounties until you are satisfied.

Al-Khatim Adlan Center

5 July 2021